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Chris Worfold

An Australian, Brisbane based artist, with an extensive exhibition history. He is course convener of the University of Canberra, Bachelor of Visual Arts program at TAFE Queensland Brisbane. He is a graduate from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and the Queensland University of Technology in Visual Arts and Education. Chris has been co-director of a commercial gallery, curated numerous exhibitions, written for catalogues and publications. He has completed public art, interior design and illustration commissions, served on arts committees and taught Visual Arts for over 15 years. He is dedicated to his arts practice and has exhibited internationally in Taipei, Seoul and New York.

Painting is like chasing down a dream. I’m like Richard Drefuss’s character in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ haunted by an image in his sub-conscious and obsessed with making different versions of it in an attempt to comprehend its source and significance. My work in ‘The Garden: New paintings’ contains certain elements and symbols that repeat; the Baroque folds of cloth, there is an almost spiritual comfort to fabric - the plurality of objects, the physical things that surround us, in this case flowers - the cryptic  marks and fragments of words which symbolise the indecipherable and unknowable - the open or blank space of the horizon, a place to occupy, to visit or to pass through - and finally there are images of birds or wings, icons of both movement and transcendence of  the corporeal world.



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